Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Making a difference in the world usually begins with figuring out how to do it. Often it is not some grand action that can bring change, but a subtle adjustment of our habits and lifestyles. Sometimes the smallest gesture can steer us toward world-changing decisions -- especially if millions of us share that gesture.
 By visiting www.modot.org/Multimodal/CarbonFootprint.htm, visitors to MoDOT’s Web site can get a snapshot of how big an imprint they’re leaving on the planet. They’ll also be connected with links to Missouri’s multimodal options to help them shrink that imprint.
The impact we have on the environment can be measured, especially when it comes to our choices in transportation. Often we make these choices based on convenience or even habit. It’s not that we don’t care what impact we have on the Earth is, it’s just we don’t have time to think about it.
To help people see what effect their transportation choices have on our environment, MoDOT has connected with the Federal Transportation Administration’s "Carbon Footprint Calculator. "

Every journey begins with a single step….so pick a warm and sunny day and walk to work or the store or school when you can. You’ll leave the kind of footprints the Earth can live with.

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Raleigh Siding said...

Thanks, I can now see how bad I am carbon wise