Monday, January 25, 2010

You Know You're In Missouri When...

"People tell me they know when they drive into Missouri because the roads get better. They used to tell me it was because the roads got worse." -- MoDOT Director Pete Rahn

It wasn't that long ago that less than half of Missouri's highways were considered in good condition. But in the last six years, that number has steadily increased. Now, when you hit the highways in Missouri, you'll find 86 percent of the state's busiest roads in good condition.

Funding from Amendment 3 certainly made a difference. It helped MoDOT make 2,200 miles of the state's most heavily traveled roads smoother and safer, and accelerate or begin projects that were years down the road. Another factor is the Better Roads, Brighter Future program, where hundreds of miles are getting a facelift -- smoother surfaces, wider stripes, brighter signs and paved shoulders.

It may be difficult in the future to keep this up, as dramatic funding decreases loom. But today, it's evident that six years of hard work are truly paying off for Missouri drivers.

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